Our Mission

Established in 2008, the Sheckler Foundation's goal  is to educate, equip and empower our community to “Be the Change” in the lives of children and injured action sports athletes.

 The Sheckler Foundation is a nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(C) (3)  of the Internal Revenue Code.

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The Team
  • Ryan Sheckler

    Ryan Sheckler

    Ryan stepped onto an old board belonging to his father when he was just eighteen months of age. From that point on, he took the board with him everywhere he went. In 1995 he came across his first quarter pipe at a buddy’s house in his native town, San Clemente. The rest as they say “is history.” Since turning pro at the age of 13, Ryan has dominated the contest circuit, bringing home just about every title there is. Amid being a Pro Skater, Hollywood has also taken a liking to Ryan, having been in four motion pictures, including The Tooth Fairy, Starring Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews. In 2007 MTV brought Ryan’s life to the television screen with his reality show, The Life of Ryan. Ryan has been honored by his Fans, winning Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Award for Favorite Male Athlete in 2010 and MTV’s Teen Choice Awards for Male Action Sports Athlete in 2008, 2009 and 2010. In 2009 Ryan, was honored at the 24th Annual Sports Spectacular for his career achievements and philanthropic work with the Sheckler Foundation.

    Facebook: RyanSheckler
    Twitter: @RyanSheckler
    Instagram: @Shecks

  • Gretchen Sheckler-Hachee

    Gretchen Sheckler-Hachee

    This mother of three active boys, holds a business degree from California State University, Fullerton, and is the CEO and director of The Sheckler Foundation. Gretchen has successfully managed the thriving career of her son, professional skateboarder and philanthropist Ryan Sheckler. Anyone who knows Gretchen will tell you her most important role is that of being a mother. Gretchen LOVES to cook, garden, go camping and will hang her own Christmas lights on her two story home by herself. With a passion for children’s causes and being in the action sports industry for decades, Gretchen gives 100% of her heart and soul to The Sheckler Foundation’s mission.

    Twitter: @SheckFoundation

  • Angelique Zaki

    Angelique Zaki

    Take a devoted wife and mother with a funky Bohemian style, mix in a frugal thrift store/Craigslist shopper, sprinkle in a Mother Earth mentality with a DIY attitude and you will get a glimpse of Angelique Zaki. She lends comic relief to a situation one minute and provides spiritual advice, the next. It is not uncommon for her to dance through the office, belting out a fabulous rendition of a classic 80′s song. There is no job title broad enough to capture the many gifts and talents of this pint-sized powerhouse. With the motto “Anything is possible,” there is no stopping her either. Angelique truly embodies the Sheckler Foundation’s mission. The foundation is blessed to have her on staff.

    Twitter: @SFAngelique

  • Steve Astephen

    Steve Astephen

    Steve Astephen joined Wasserman Media Group as Managing Director of the Action Sports and Olympics Division in 2003, as part of Wasserman’s acquisition of Astephen’s prominent action sports company, The Familie. Under Astephen, the Action Sports and Olympics Division has seen double digit growth year-over-year since 2007 and currently has a client roster of nearly 200 active athletes across more than 30 sports. Steve has worked with Ryan Sheckler since 2006 and has been an active board member since the Sheckler Foundation began in 2008.

  • JJ Jones

    JJ Jones

    In 2001, when JJ accepted the offer to work for the Maloof Family as Joe Maloof's driver, no one could have predicted what an amazing ride it would turn out to be. What started off as an audition for a new music label turned into a journey beyond his wildest dreams. As time went on, he moved his way up the ranks becoming a key person in Maloof Sports & Entertainment overseeing The Palms Hotel, Joe G Maloof Liquor Company, Maloof Music, Maloof T.V, Arco Arena, and the Sacramento Kings. In working with the Maloofs, JJ has helped run, maintain, sell and acquire professional sports franchises. Over a period of time JJ has established himself as a brand of his own, helping to launch multiple brands through relationships in the entertainment world. Anyone who knows JJ, knows his passion to help everybody around him.

  • Brad Daluiso

    Brad Daluiso

    Brad Daluiso works at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Brad was a place kicker in the NFL for ten years (1991-2000), and retired in 2000 as the New York Giants all-time most accurate kicker, and 2nd all-time leading scorer in the team’s history. Brad played in Super Bowl XXVI with the Buffalo Bills and Super Bowl XXXV with the New York Giants. In 2003, Brad was recognized as one of the ten most revolutionary special team’s players in the history of professional football (The Star Ledger. September 10, 2003). In addition to the Sheckler Foundation, Brad serves on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges benefiting health scence and wellness..

  • Sandra Sypniewski

    Sandra Sypniewski

    Sandra started her career in the sports and entertainment industry 14 years ago working alongside the founders of action sports agency, The Familie (acquired by Wasserman). Having risen through the ranks she has seen all aspects of the sports and entertainment landscape. During her time at Wasserman she has been involved in talent management, brokered sponsorship & licensing deals, and managed marketing campaigns. She has built her career managing numerous partnerships with talent and properties in both mainstream and endemic arenas. Over her 14 years at Wasserman she has been able to have an instrumental role in launching and operating some of Wasserman’s most notable talent and operate their business ventures.

    Her interest in art, culture and the outdoors keep her active in her off time. She enjoys surfing, snowboarding, gardening & watching live music.

skateBOARD Members
  • Manny Santiago

    Manny Santiago

    Nickname - Manny Slays All.  Professional Skateboarder his skate stance is Goofy. Born on September 10, 1985 in Puerto Rico until he moved to Lowell, Massachusetts he now resides in Los Angeles, California. Manny started skating at the a ge of 14 because in his home town (Lowell, Ma) they built some situate parks. Once he stepped on a board he couldn't stop. Manny's f avorite place to skate is anywhere with good flat ground! When Manny is not skating he likes to hang out with my family, work on the computer, design, and work on MSA limited stuff most of all just enjoy life. Manny has been a loyal supporter of the Sheckler Foundation with positive energy, love for life and ability to make everyone laugh. We are excited to have him as one of our official SkateBOARD members!

    Quote "Smile while it's still free!"

    Facebook: mannyslaysall â€‹
    Twitter: @mannyslaysall
    Instagram: @mannyslaysall

  • Oscar Loreto Jr.

    Oscar Loreto Jr.

    Oscar Loreto Jr. was one of our round 3 “Be the Change” finalists in 2014 when we had to privilege of first meeting him. Oscar was born in Hollywood, CA in July of 1986 with a congenital birth defect that caused him to be missing his left foot, his left hand and four fingers of this right hand. After countless doctor visits as a child, he learned and adapted to his prosthesis quickly. He learned to write with both his hands and lived a close to normal childhood. Soon after middle school Oscar opened Pandoras Box of skateboarding which eventually lead him to where he is now, giving back by helping to create opportunities for children with physical disabilities to get involved in skateboarding. Oscar has joined us at our 6th, 7th, 8th and 9thAnnual Skate for a Cause events in our Adaptive Skate demo and contest. Oscar has a huge heart and continues to give back and we are thankful he is a part of our Sheckler Foundation family.

    Twitter  @MrBojanglesFilm
    Instagram  @oskervoid

  • Fabrizio Santos

    Fabrizio Santos

    Since he was 14 years old, Fabrizio Santos, a.k.a “The Breeze” has been competing in skate park/street and is best known for his complete use of the course. A native of Brazil, Breeze was one of the first street skateboarders from his home country to hit America and rode for some of the top companies in the industry. Since the early 2000’s Fabrizio has been a regular in the Tampa Pro and Dew Tour skate contests. His infectious style not only has graced competitions but also plenty of video parts and magazines including 411VM, Ride Channel, Transworld and Thrasher. Breeze spends his free time either hanging with his family, working on expanding his backyard skatepark or running his skateshop, Programme Skate & Sound, that he co-owns in Fullerton, CA., and shredding the STREETS! Fabrizio has been a long time personal friend and supporter of the Sheckler Foundation. Fabrizio always has a smile on his face and we are stoked to have him as an official SkateBOARD Member!

    Facebook: Fabrizio-santos
    Twitter: @Fabriziosantos1
    Instagram: â€‹@Fabriziosantos

  • David Reyes

    David Reyes

    Born in Yonkers, New York, David Reyes grew up in Denver, Colorado, where after discovering skateboarding he swiftly became the type of skateboarder who looks so comfortable on their board that it’s easy for anyone to see he was born to skate. Currently residing in Long Beach, CA, David is a skateboarder’s skater: constantly on a mission filming tricks in the streets, checking out the latest videos and working on his bag of tricks at Cherry Park. When David is not skateboarding he likes to spend his time at the dog park trying to get Minnie to return with the tennis ball he throws her, cooking up a plethora of treats in the kitchen or deep in thought reading books on every different subject matter imaginable from The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley to a collection of poetry by Tupac Shakur. David and Ryan are team mates on Etnies footwear and on April 12th 2014 they travelled to Washington state representing the Sheckler Foundation to unveil the new Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe skatepark with a ceremony and tribal feast for hundreds of Native Americans as part of “Be The Change” project. David’s talent on a skateboard, infectiously positive personality and ability to make anyone laugh in any circumstances are all reasons why we’re excited to have him join the Sheckler Foundation as a SkateBOARD member!

    Facebook: davidreyes303 â€‹
    Twitter: @davidreyes303
    Instagram: @davidreyes303