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15th Annaul Ryan Sheckler Golf Tournament - Circus Life was the Greatest Show on Earth!

Red Bull Helicopter Ball Drop!

THANK YOU to everyone who donated $20 for the Red Bull Helicopter Golf Ball Drop on Monday September 11, 2023 at the Sheckler Foundation's 15th Annual Ryan Sheckler Golf Tournament!  This year the winning ball was #479! This year the winner of $5,000 was one of our golfers in attendance at the event. We appreciate everyone who participates in this fun initiative online all over the world! 


The Sheckler Foundation hit the road again! This time we joined the Sandlot Times X  Woodward Tour to give out $5,000 grants along the way! 

"An Oscar Story" Guest Board

"An Oscar Story” launched in November 2022 and sold out in December 2022! As a Sheckler Foundation SkateBOARD member and leader in the Adaptive Skate community, Oscar Lorteo Jr.  and Sandlot Times are committed 50% of the proceeds to benefit the #ShecklerFoundation ‘s Adaptive Skate Programming in 2023. 

“I am very excited for this collaboration with Sandlot Times and the Sheckler Foundation,” stated Oscar Loreto Jr. Oscar Loreto Jr. was one of our round 3 “Be the Change” finalists in 2014 when we had to privilege of first meeting him.

Oscar was born in Hollywood, CA in July of 1986 with a congenital birth defect that caused him to be missing his left foot, his left hand and four fingers of this right hand. After countless doctor visits as a child, he learned and adapted to his prosthesis quickly. He learned to write with both his hands and lived a close to normal childhood. Soon after middle school Oscar opened Pandoras Box of skateboarding which eventually lead him to where he is now, giving back by helping to create opportunities for children with physical disabilities to get involved in skateboarding

Sheckler Foundation joins the Sandlot Times X Woodward Tour

Summer 2022 we hopped on the bus with Sandlot Times and Woodward for a once in a lifetime tour stopping at all 5 of  Woodward's USA properties.  Ryan Sheckler, along with the Sandlot crew, the Sheckler Foundaiton skateboard members and the cast of Camp Woodward Season 12 hit the road for the Sandlot Times X Woodward combining the high energy of a skate tour, with the lifelong memory making moments summer camp promises, we had all the elements for an unforgettable journey!

As an added bonus, the Sheckler Foundation and Camp Woodward gave the next generation of skateboarders the opportunity to truely "BE THE CHANGE" they want to see in the world as the participate in participated in five grant presentations in the tour stop communities!  FOLLOW ALONG!

Be the Change

SKATE FOR A CAUSE TOUR: This is who we are, it’s what we’re all about, join the movement to "Be the Change"! See you on our Skate for a Cause Tour!

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10th Annual - 10 Cities - $10,000 Grants

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Skate for a Cause, we took our event on the road, bringing our Skate for a Cause concept to our “Be the Change” community. The Skate for a Cause tour consisted of 10 demo stops across the US, where The Sheckler Foundation gave $10,000 grants to 10 great causes that directly benefit and enrich the lives of children and injured action sports athletes, inspiring them to “Be the Change”!

"Our amazing skate family across the country has been asking us for years to take Skate for a Cause on the road to reach more people. It's been a blessing to have this event in California the past 9 years, but was really stoked to celebrate our 10th year with a Skate for a Cause tour."


About the Sheckler Foundation

With the help of our loyal sponsors, volunteers and supporters all over the world, here is a little recap of some of the things we've done over the past year. We have met many amazing people with incredible stories and abilities.

The Sheckler Foundation is proud to share with you the story of our "Be the Change" $10,000 grant recipient, Team Lilly Foundation.  Please take a moment to watch and share this video to keep their message going and growing. Creating awareness, creates change and we are ALL in this together.  Thank you for your loyal support, because of YOU we are able to continue our mission to be the change we want to see.

Team Lilly Foundation

The Sheckler Foundation presents its latest "Be the Change" recipient, Team Lilly Foundation. Team Lilly Foundation has set out to help families battling pediatric cancer and its mission is to bring light to the reality of childhood cancer, while providing a hand to the families affected.

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