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Hope for Carter

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Carter is an 11 year old boy with the everyday struggles of Autism & a very rare form of Eczema that has ravaged his entire body taking away his quality of life. Carter needs to travel to a research hospital that can offer him a new chance at a normal life. He suffers severe chronic pain, skin that weeps and bleeds, and worst yet the kids at school who tell him everyday how just having to look at him makes them want to beat him up. Please spend a few moments in Carter's life by watching and sharing this video to create awareness for Carter and others suffering from this same debilitating skin condition.  

YOU can join us as we support Carter on his journey to find a cure! 

Creating awareness, creates CHANGE!  

In 2012, we launched our “Be the Change” initiative. This web-based program allows our supporters to nominate the areas where they want to see change occur in the lives of children and injured action sports athletes. Then our entire network can vote for the cause they’d not only like to see win, but will support. We love that our supporters now have a voice and a platform that help guide our fundraising and giving. The Sheckler Foundation will come along side the winner giving them a $10,000 grant and help make their plans a reality!

Our goal through "Be the Change" is to create awareness for all 4 finalists by using our global platform to share their story.  The voting and rallying is NOT for the sake of competition.  We could choose a "winner" other ways.  The voting and rallying is intended to create a ground swell of support for each of our 4 finalists, showing what can happen when we activate our community to get involved with causes that matter.    

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