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In 2012, we launched our “Be the Change” initiative. This web-based program allows our supporters to nominate the areas where they want to see change occur in the lives of children and injured action sports athletes. Then our entire network can vote for the cause they’d not only like to see win, but will support. We love that our supporters now have a voice and a platform that help guide our fundraising and giving. The Sheckler Foundation will come along side the winner and help them make their plans a reality!

STEP 1  Send in your nomination! Entries can be made from January 20th - February 3rd. The top 4 nominees will be announced and featured here. 

STEP 2  VOTE DAILY for your favorite nominee starting February 9th - February 23rd! Rally your family, friends and community to vote daily for your favorite nominee on our website and share on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

STEP 3  Donate to the cause that wins.  Donations will be accepted here on the site immediately after the winner is announced.

Important NEW GUIDELINES and tips before you send in your nomination:

  1. All nominations must be in line with our mission statement of supporting causes that directly benefit and enrich the lives of children and injured action sports athletes.  If it is not in line with our mission, it will NOT be chosen as one of the top 4 nominees.
  2. Your proposed budget should NOT exceed $10,000.  Nominees whose proposed budget is over $10,000 will automatically be disqualified.
  3. Be specific about material items that are needed. For example:  printing, lumber, food, clothes, etc.
  4. Write your nomination in the way you would want it to be read by the voters, as if you were chosen.  REMEMBER that we are all hearing about your cause for the first time.  That will help you to be more clear and concise in your delivery.
  5. Clearly describe the proposed plan you would like The Sheckler Foundation to help you execute.

Nominate A Cause

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