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Help Tanner

Compete Again!

You are our $10,000 BE THE CHANGE

grant recipient!  

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Four months ago, 19 year old Tanner Cislaw suffered a spinal cord injury after a rock climbing accident. Help Tanner get the adaptive sports equipment needed to become a competitive athlete once again.

Tanners "Be the Change" entry bio:

"I met my stepson, Tanner, on the soccer field when he was 8 years old. He was playing on the same team as my son Jake. Along with playing club soccer for 8 years, Tanner was an avid body surfer, loved surfing, skim boarding, and working out. Tanner loved skiing and shredded black diamond runs. He played Varsity soccer in high school and aspired to be a college athlete.  His skill as an athlete in ALL sports has always amazed me. He loves to compete and is up for any challenge. In the 4 months since his spinal cord injury I have seen Tanner struggle, persevere, and grow showing the heart of a champion. I would love to get him the sports equipment needed for him to become a competitive athlete once again.

If we are fortunate enough to be granted this financial support we would use the proceeds as follows:

Invacare Top end Force-3 Handcycle- $2800

Jackson Kayak Tripper T Kayak 2018 Model- $1300

Creating Ability's Universal Padding Seat for kayaks- $645

Sweet Cheeks 200 black kayak seat- $80

Sylvansport Go-Easy Essential Boating Package- $2000

Sumo Beach and Snow Offroad Wheelchair tires-24" - $1300

Sumo Wheelchair Wheels- All Terrain- $400

California sales tax on $7225-  $597

Shipping and handling- $250

Grand total- $8072

Thank you,

Stacy Bauer"

Creating awareness, creates CHANGE!  

In 2012, we launched our “Be the Change” initiative. This web-based program allows our supporters to nominate the areas where they want to see change occur in the lives of children and injured action sports athletes. Then our entire network can vote for the cause they’d not only like to see win, but will support. We love that our supporters now have a voice and a platform that help guide our fundraising and giving. The Sheckler Foundation will come alongside the winner giving them a $10,000 grant and help make their plans a reality!

Our goal through "Be the Change" is to create awareness for all 4 finalists by using our global platform to share their story.  The voting and rallying is NOT for the sake of competition.  We could choose a "winner" other ways.  The voting and rallying is intended to create a ground swell of support for each of our 4 finalists, showing what can happen when we activate our community to get involved with causes that matter.      

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Stay tuned to enter our next round of BE THE CHANGE!

Date will be announced soon!

The 3 questions often asked to enter BE THE CHANGE:

1. Does the entry have to be an official 501(C)3 Nonprofit? 
NO, it does not. As long as your cause is in line with the Sheckler Foundation mission statement supporting pediatric causes, enrichment programs for at risk youth or injured action sports athletes, and meets all the requirements outlined on our website, you may enter.

2. Can I enter a person/individual? 
YES! If you know of a child with an illness, injury, special needs who needs some help, tell us their story! If you know of a Professional Actions Sports Athlete who has been injured and needs help, tell us their story! Be sure to have a plan, proposed budget and video to tell their story well. Our website has the information and details on what is required.

3. Do I have to have a video? 
YES. A video will help our voters know who they are supporting and why your cause is so important. 

Important NEW GUIDELINES and tips before you submit your entry:

  • All entries must be in line with our mission statement of supporting causes that directly benefit and enrich the lives of children and injured action sports athletes.  If it is not in line with our mission, it will NOT be chosen as one of the top 4 nominees.
  • You must have a proposed budget that should NOT exceed $10,000.  Entires with a proposed budget is over $10,000 will automatically be disqualified.
  • Be specific about material items that are needed. For example: printing, lumber, food, clothes, etc.
  • Write your entry in the way you would want it to be read by the voters, as if you were chosen.  REMEMBER that we are all hearing about your cause for the first time.  That will help you to be more clear and concise in your delivery.
  • Clearly describe the proposed plan you would like The Sheckler Foundation to help you execute.
  • All entries MUST have a YouTube video link telling your story.  If you do not have a YouTube video, you will not be chosen as a top 4 nominee. 

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